Landmark is a private equity and real estate investment company specializing in secondary funds.
Formed in 1989, the firm has one of the longest track records in the industry and is a leading source of liquidity to owners of interests in venture, mezzanine, buyout, and real estate limited partnerships.
Landmark has formed 29 funds focused on venture capital, buyout, mezzanine, and real estate partnerships over the last 26 years. These funds have been capitalized at more than $15 billion, which has been deployed across over 1,700 partnership interests that comprise over 16,000 underlying company and property investments.

As a secondary specialist in private equity and real estate, we enable investors to sell their interests prior to maturity by providing the capital and experience to execute such sales.

Superior results require dedicated professionals experienced in all phases of investment origination, analysis, portfolio management, accounting, and reporting.

Landmark’s team brings the philosophy, the process, and the knowledge to successfully execute sophisticated investment strategies. Our name, ‘Landmark,’ signifies the many historical firsts the firm has achieved in the private equity and real estate investment arena.

Landmark is headquartered in Simsbury, Connecticut, and has offices in Boston, Massachusetts, New York, New York, and London, England.

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- A Proven Leader

  • Raised 29 funds
  • A total of $15 billion in committed capital
  • 22 private equity; 7 real estate partnerships
  • 22 secondary partnerships
  • Over 1,700 underlying partnership investments
  • Over 16,000 underlying company and property investments