Landmark Partners has established the expertise to identify opportunities in the secondary market.

From our founding, we have remained focused on stable and steady growth, establishing new practices along the way that are now the pillars of our business. By building an exceptional team, openly sharing our knowledge and applying proprietary analytics, we have found value in our distinctive strategy through 30 years of secondaries investing. 


Our experience comes from securing and growing talented industry professionals.


Founded in 1989, our 30 years of heritage is an expression of our expertise in action.

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Our private equity, real estate and infrastructure secondary funds illustrate our expertise.


Landmark Partners is a dedicated secondary investment manager supported by a global investor base.

Our Latest White Paper

Does Infrastructure Provide the Benefits Investors Expect?

In this white paper, we draw from a systematic review of approximately 25 academic studies and presentations published between 2007 and 2018 to answer the following important questions:

What is infrastructure? In other words, what types of investments can be properly classified as infrastructure?

Do infrastructure investments really deliver the infrastructure narrative? In other words, do they truly exhibit the posited characteristics and do they deliver the expected benefits to investors?

The above is a brief synopsis of the white paper referenced in the title. It is not itself a complete record of that paper and cannot be relied upon in isolation. A copy of the full white paper is available upon request.

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Our experienced team and insights are well-positioned to help Landmark be a Thought Partner to our investors and potential sellers.

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