The culture at Landmark Partners reflects our core values of: stewardship, collaboration and dynamism.

We harness our team’s experience, perspective and expertise to achieve the goals of our investors, partners, employees and company.

Our people represent the importance we place on diversity and the value diversity brings to any organization or community. We are proud of our heritage of civic responsibility, commitment to social and professional initiatives and our philanthropic culture.

We have been long-standing supporters of The Toigo Foundation, Sponsors for Educational Opportunity, The Women’s Private Equity Summit and The Women’s Association of Venture and Equity.

Stewardship. Collaboration. Dynamism.

As a supporter of the Hartford Area Habitat-for-Humanity, the Landmark Partners team contributes to area construction projects every year.

Pictured are volunteers including the Landmark Partners team who performed interior and exterior painting at a renovated property in Bloomfield, CT.

Photo taken September 2019.

2019 Habitat Group Photo. - Web.jpg