Quantitative Research

We believe that the key to superior performance in private markets is having superior information, and superior strategies to exploit that information. Landmark’s Quantitative Research Group (QRG) works with our deal teams, investors, counterparties and outside academics to create superior information and strategies in all of Landmark’s investment areas.

Over the past 10 years, QRG has developed a range of data-driven software tools designed to improve deal sourcing, performance assessment, and cashflow/liquidity forecasting. These include the Direct Alpha methodology and our Limited Partner Consulting Toolkit.

Today QRG is building on these advances by taking advantage of our extensive data sets to gain deeper understanding of the structures of risk and return in the private markets. For example, we have used our data and tools to describe the cross-sectional distribution of transaction-level returns in private equity, which turn out to be strongly right-skewed. We believe that this work has important implications for private investors’ portfolio construction and investment decisions.

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